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Is a certain process running your CPU right into the ground? How do you find said process without picking your way through the ps aux results? With this command:

ps -e -o pcpu,cpu,nice,state,cputime,args --sort pcpu | sed '/^ 0.0 /d'

…at which point you can kill it with sudo kill -9.

To get a list of all running processes, enter the command “ps auxw”. You might also want to try using “ps auxf” (or “ps auxfw” if the lines get truncated) – this prints everything in a nice tree format that may give you a better understanding of how and why things are running.

To get a complete listing of all listening network services using netstat, enter: netstat -altpu

You can also get similar information using lsof by entering: lsof -i | egrep -i ‘LISTEN|UDP’