Jun 08

J2EE Development Environment

Nowadays, modern web-based application development can’t exist without J2EE-based applications. These applications are built on a highly secure and powerful development platform. There are various Open Source applications that can help J2EE development a great deal. In this article, I would like to share with everyone an easy way to kick off your J2EE learning for almost no cost to you.

Well, to run J2EE compliant web applications, one needs an application server to which one will want to deploy those applications. There are plenty to choose from but I would recommend Apache TomCat 55x which is easy to use and is very reliable. Tomcat is part of Apache’s Jakarta project which is a diverse set of open source Java solutions.

But what tool should you use to, actually, write your code in! There are again a couple good open source IDEs, however the easiest and most robust one is Eclipse. This IDE itself more than just an IDE, it is a development framework which allows developers to use various views and plug-ins to write and debug their code.

To write J2EE compliant web-based applications, MyEclipseIDE.com provides an excellent and inexpensive application which works as plug-in to Eclipse.

That is all. Once you have all these in place, you are set for a good start in J2EE-based web development.

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